Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Monkey's Jumping on the Bed

Mia loves when Daddy throws her on the bed and Macie has just recently got brave enough to join in on the fun!

Can we have it Mom, Please????

Janae and James went on a Mexican Riveria cruise for her 30th birthday so their dog, Jasper, was staying with us. Jasper is so patient with the babies and lets them do pretty much whatever. This was the game of the day...the babies thought it was great!!!

Baby Hawkeye

One of the cutest fans ever!!! Gets even better...wait till you see both the girls in their cheerleader outfits Grandma Olson sent! Stay posted for those...

Oh that face just makes my heart melt!

MMM Spaghetti

Our church had a Spaghetti Cookoff on Labor Day and we had lots of leftovers! Mia loved spaghetti!!!! She calls it "oodles"

Now That's What I Call...

...Cleaning your plate!

Oh, Its Been SOOOO Hot!

It finally cooled down enough for the kiddos to go outside and play without frying!!! They had so much fun playing in the dirt! Mama had a rough time getting them clean! Dirt was everywhere! But it was so fun it was definitely worth it!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

One Smart Daddy

Kris has been studying for another test these past few weeks and he took it this weekend. Of course he passed!!!!!! He's soooooo smart! When he called to tell me he passed I joked with him and said he was now Kristopher A. Olson, ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP and Mia said Dada, EIEIO. So funny!

We love you very much Daddy!!!!!